If you've wanted to start reducing toxins in your life, but feel overwhelmed, this is just for you.

I've created a mini course to walk you through all the steps that I took when we first decided to go toxin-free.

There is a lot to learn, but it can be done in small portions!

I remember how it felt when we started. I was excited, overwhelmed, and astounded all at the same time. I'd love to help you along your own journey!  

Ready to commit to your health?

Create your free account, select your products, click YES under the question about Loyalty Order. This is a commitment to order each month and may be cancelled at any time.

We'll discuss more about monthly orders on our coaching call.

This begins your 6 month mini course. Woot woot! Let's do this thing!

Each month you place an order on Loyalty Rewards, you will receive information and challenges designed to walk you through the process. I've even made a checklist to help streamline the process. Read more below.

Month 1: Learn all about essential oils. What they are, how to use, safety, and more. *30 min coaching call with me to personalize your experience

Month 2: Diffusers. How to use, recipes & tips. Diffusing is one of the easiest ways to use essential oils!

*Coaching via Voxer as needed

Month 3: Allllll about cleaning. Tips, products, etc. You'll also get myToxin-free journal (a $5.99 value) eBook

*Coaching via Voxer as needed

Month 4: Connect essential oils and emotions. The oils can make a huge difference!

*30 min coaching call

Month 5: Learn all about supplements, their importance, why Young Living's are best, and a few to try. You'll also get access to my Toxin-free workbook (a $10.99 value) eBook.

Month 6: Learn about personal care - ingredients to avoid and best essential oils to use. You'll also get my eBook: This is Not a Diet Book (a $8.99 value)

*Coaching via Voxer as needed


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